Can't Activate Old Boron, Data Matrix Sticker Faded, particle identify returns undefined

Hi All,

I have an old Boron that I've been trying to use now for few days without success.
The Data Matrix sticker is faded so I can't use the Particle App to activate SIM.

Using the Particle Cloud API's to activate SIM requires the ICCID which I can't get because particle identify returns this: Your device id is undefined
Unable to determine system firmware version

I've tried particle update which completes successfully but I still can't get info using particle identify
particle serial inspect always returns with Serial time out

Any help would be appreciated @ScruffR :slight_smile:

I used to use Particle CLI for these things but find myself routinely using the browser based tools these days. That way I don't have to spend time looking up the proper CLI command or syntax for one offs.

For example to get the Device ID: Identify device over USB

Or to get the ICCID, firmware version and other info:Device Inspect

Just remember the device needs to be in listening mode for this to work.

And just for completeness you can also use Particle identify from the CLI to get Device ID, IMEI, ICCID and firmware version.

That's very useful, thank you.
Unfortunately the Device Inspect returns this: Device did not return valid module information.

Huh.. interesting. Did the cloud Device Inspect or Identify work but the CLI isn't. Are you sure it's in listening mode (flashing blue)?

If not, you should be able to enter listening mode by holding down the mode button for 3-4 seconds. Or if you are like me and prefer to just do it all from the CLI:

particle usb start-listening
and then
Particle Identify

You could try this Device Restore USB | Tools | Particle

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