Cannot upload using online IDE

Hi, I’m using a particle photon and I have been working with for a month now. I had downgraded it to 0.6.2.rc1 due to some internal reasons and everything was fine. However, I want to update the OS to 0.8.x. I tried uploading the tinker code from the web IDE with the target OS et but it is not able to flash my photon.
For my daily flashing, I flash using the CLI and it still seems to work. However, I’m not able to update my photon OS. I thought that the easiest method would be to do it using the web IDE but it doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas what might be going wrong?

What exactly isn’t working? Are there any errors, strange LED statuses, or anything else out of the ordinary? Have you selected the correct device? Is the flashing showing up in the console?

I have selected the correct device. It is just showing that the flash was unsuccessful. I have tried it again and again and with different OS versions and still the problem persists.

@moz, make sure you have the latest (v1.40.0) installed. Put your Photon into listening mode and run particle serial inspect and post the output. We need to see which version of the bootloader and system firmware modules are installed on that Photon.

That is the thing. I am stuck at 0.6.2 and not able to update the OS.
The inspect output is:

@moz, have you tried putting the device in DFU mode and doing particle update?

That did work. However, I am not still able to change the version anymore using the Web IDE. My end goal is to make the OS version to 0.8.x

@moz doing particle update would have updated the DeviceOS to the latest release version, likely 1.0.1. Is there any reason you want to regress to 0.8.x?

There is actually. My current architecture is based on the version 0.6.2x and I want to upgrade it to at least 0.8.x or higher. However, I also want to test the response of this upgrade on my current system version by version. For that I will need a method to change the OS version easily.

I am still not able to upload anything using the web IDE and change the OS version to anything else after the DFU update.

Anyone? This is still not solved!!

You didn’t really provide a lot of additional info after that statement of yours

  • what is your CLI version
  • what is your current particle serial inspect status?
  • what does the device do before, during and after the attempt to flash OTA from Web IDE
  • what does your Web IDE show in the target drawer for that particular device