Cannot Scan QR Code in App Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


I am unable to scan the QR codes in the App on my Galaxy S7 Edge running Android 8.0.0. It appears that the app is not getting the correct aspect ratio or image size for the camera, as rotating the phone 90 degrees shows fairly large distortion to the image. I have attached images of screen shots in the app (cropped to remove my email). I have image taken with the phone camera for reference but I can only include two images in the post. I am able to scan the QR codes in a popular scanner app from the google play store in both orientations.

There are some Xenons with corrupted data matrix, you should open a support ticket.
See here


This did not appear to be this existing issue as my app is not generating an error at all, it is failing to scan the image in the first place. Additionally, I tested this on the Argon with the same results.


I think you need more light and to hold the camera closer to the sticker. QR codes can be decoded in any orientation since they have features to allow the decoder to find the orientation in software.

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And I would recommend not running the device in the black, conductive foam it ships in. You should use a breadboard. The foam is mean to dissipate ESD during shipping. There is some discussion of that here:

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I have retested using the light from a bright microscope and still no luck. I was able to scan them in the same lighting conditions as my first images using a friends phone Google Pixel 2.

What some others have done is to take a picture of the QR code using your camera. Either print that out in a larger format or have it ready on another screen enlarged a bit. Then go back through the setup process and scan the photo of the code instead of the actual code on the device. If that still doesn’t work, do as @bko suggests and submit a support ticket. They are pretty responsive.

I have been trying this as well as stretching the image to compensate for the apparent squishing seen in the app. In addition, I have edited the image attempting to create high contrast and decently sharp edges. I have scanned it enlarged on screen and printed with no luck. My friends Pixel 2 however was able to scan at every step, even when the image was fairly warped. I have opened a ticket as suggested and I will update this post if a solution is found. Thank you all for your suggestions.

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@hollowayt9182, on my Samsung A5 running Android 8.0.0, the application seems to take AT LEAST 15s to finally to a focus and grab of the label. If I am too close or moving too much, that fails and I have to start over. I have brought this up with Particle numerous times.

@hollowayt9182 @peekay123 if you have a moment, could you try scanning those same barcodes with your phones using this barcode scanner app from the ZXing team , and let me know how quickly you get a result? (Big bonus points if you try closing the app and scanning again a few times!)

@jensck_particle, on my Samsung A5 the app gets a clear focused view of the QR but takes several seconds to actually grab the image. When it does, it recognizes it every time. I found that if I am not at an “optimal” distance with the phone (not too close, not too far), then it “snaps” in just a few seconds. If I don’t have that optimal distance (and lighting now that I think of it), it will NEVER snap an image until I move it to the sweet spot.

Which app does that, the Particle app or the ZXing scanner I linked to? :slight_smile:

Also, while briefly revisiting this tonight, I found a potential auto focus improvement w/the current data matrix scanner. It’s a simple change, so it’ll come with the next release of the Android app.

I tested with the Zxing app.

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I was expected Android app 2.3.8 to solve this issue, but still not. I also have a Samsung A5 and it takes 2-3 min each time I need to scan a Xenon.
So when created a mesh of 5 Xenons, since I also must scan the assisting device, it’s a nightmare !

I found that focusing on the breadbord just below the Xenon will do a proper focus. However focusing directly on the Xenon (or Argon) never works, even after 15s waiting.

There is no way to add the “focus where I touch the screen” feature, like every camera app is having?

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