Particle APP cannot scan QR code

Hello, I have bought two Particle Argon, and I was following how to setup everything up, until I got to the point where I needed to scan the QR through the app… When I try to scan, even if it is focused, nothing happens (I tried with both Particle Argons, tryed to increase light around, to take picture to PC and try to scan there, tried to stay still for several minutes and still nothing…)
My phone has had previous problems with focusing, and with using camera on other apps, and this one is no exception.

However, if I try to scan the QR code with the phone scanner it works fine… it can get it right away (providing a number in .txt type)

I am new to the Particle Community, and I have tried to search for similar problems, like Cannot Scan QR Code in App Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which had no solution, or the ARGON Setup not happening which the solution was by installing the app in another device (tablet), which I cannot afford to.

I also tried the Support & Troubleshooting | Troubleshooting | Particle but haven’t found anything related to scanning QR codes. Related to this post, App can't scan Xenon Data Matrix , it is mentioned to open a support ticket, or send the .txt code to the support team, Is there a way (a contact) so I can send it?
Every help is very much appreciated.
Thank you for your time.


I would avoid using the mobile apps entirely. Instead use the Web Device Doctor to do it from a computer instead.

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I am trying to understand what Web Device Doctor is, since when I click on the link it only says that I am logged in to my account.

What would be the first steps to start with Particle Argon with the computer?

Sorry if this is fairly simple and I am not getting it, really is my first time.

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Hi Rodolfo, and welcome to the community!

Do you not see the following when you hit the Device Doctor page?
If not, I would try using another browser:


You are correct! It was because I was using Firefox that nothing showed-up, I didn’t notice that it said it is not a support browser…

Everything is working now, thank you!


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