Help with Boron Setup

I am having trouble setting up my Boron, my phone won’t scan the QR code. I also tried to run “particle serial identify” in command prompt to get the device ID, but couldn’t get that to work either.
This is my first particle device, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

Welcome @crecine! Can you give more details about the phone and OS you are using? On my Samsung A5 I find I need to turn on location services otherwise QR scanning doesn’t work. Also, lighting on the QR code should be good and the code aligned inside the scanning “box” on the app.

Thank you!
I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 running android 8.0.0. And my location services are turned on.

I tried using bright light, dim light, and turning on flash on my phone. I also tried zooming in till just the code was in frame, until the code and numbers were in frame, and with the whole device in frame. No combination of those two worked for me.

@crecine, that is odd. There were QR code issues early on with Argons but I am not aware of new issues. @rickkas7, can you assist?

Thanks for the advice @peekay123, can anyone else help?

i remember a thread or two where it was stated by particle employee that if you send in some information to support they can generate a new qr code that i think you get by email and supposedly the success rate scanning the new image is higher. i can not remember exactly the piece of info, maybe the product i.d. , but you can probably find a thread via search discussing it.

Thank you for the help, I will look into it.

I guess you mean something like the latter part of this post

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Thank you! I had tried that before posting and it hadn’t worked (the firmware wouldn’t upload and the device manager didn’t recognize it) but this time it worked. I was able to connect through putty and generate the data matrix. My phone then scanned the matrix almost instantaneously, thanks for the help!

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yeah, except i had forgotten that there is a DIY method also. considering current turnaround time of support, mentioned in another recent post at ~6 days, trying the DIY is probably quicker. but i see that crecine has resolved the issue. i read that someone also mentioned taking a sort of macro photo and expanding [blow up] the image is a possibility. thanks for the link, ScruffR.

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