QR Sticker Rubbed Off

I rubbed our Boron’s sticker with my thumb too much while using its buttons and am no longer able to scan the QR code in the Particle app or Android’s QR reader.

Do I have to request a replacement sticker from Particle, or does the code resolve to a value I have allowing me to print the QR code?

With particle identify any serial terminal program you can read the device ID, serial number and device secret by sending i to the device (in Listening Mode).
With these you can recreate the data matrix with this tool

There were some threads for that issue already :wink:

I am only able to obtain the device ID, modem IMEI, SIM ICCID, and system firmware version from particle identify in CLI.

What version of system OS is running on the device?

Hey there,

Sorry this happened to you – we’re implementing stickers that have more robust resistance to corrosion in upcoming manufacturing runs. In the meantime, our support team can help you out.

cc @mstanley @ParticleD

Hey Eyeohtee,

To recreate the mobile data matrix, you will need the device’s serial number and it’s mobile secret.

particle identify does not provide the mobile secret at this time (perhaps it’s something we can do at a later date!).

You will want to open a serial connection with the device itself and go through the steps listed in Mesh device setup without QR code? to access the mobile secret as well. Using that, along with the serial number, will provide you with the data needed to regenerate the data matrix.

If you are continuing to have difficulties with this, do feel free to reach out to support, providing your device ID or serial number and we can assist on our end.

@Moors7 We are running 0.8.0-rc.27

PuTTY worked out. I am on Windows 10, so the Mac instructions didn’t work. This got us the info we needed:

  1. Launch PuTTY Configuration (PuTTY desktop app)

  2. In the Session category select the Serial radio button

  3. Edit the Serial line field to match the COM port your Particle device is connected through (can be checked in device manager)

  4. Click the Open button at the bottom of the window

  5. Once the terminal window opens just press the i key and it returns Device Secret and Serial Number along with Device ID, modem IMEI, and SIM ICCID

My bad :blush: - I thought serial identify triggers the same output as serial terminal + i would (by actually invocing the same function).

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No worries! I’ve been meaning to drum up some internal discussions about supporting the secret on particle identify. It still fits our paradigm of needing physical device access, so it may be something we can see about in the future.

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