Cannot Flash anymore to my Electron

It Breathes Cyan and sends published Events back to me. But whenever I try to update the code it will not update, sometimes saying it was successful but nearly always the led starts blinking quickly and no change in code

Is your Electron part of a product? If so, make sure you’ve used Mark as Development Device otherwise as soon as the device comes online it will be flashed the current default or locked release for that device, replacing the code you just flashed.

Can you clarify what colours the LED is blinking?
Or even better provide a video (> 30sec) of the process.

It breathes cyan, does not change at all when I flash to it.On some occasions it will start to flash quickly, I presume to show it has lost connection to the cloud . Could it be a weak GSM signal ? I’m only getting one green flash when I check via the mode button.

No it’s not part of a product, just a project for college.
Cannot do video until tomorrow now, sorry

Have you tried putting your device into Safe Mode and then update?
If that works reliably chances are that your code is starving the cloud connection from service time. To tell which portions of your code might do that we’d need to see it :wink:

I think that might be it ,
I have 4
particle.publish(string) lines of code
That was probably a bad idea!!!
If I put it into safe mode, then it just stops the app running and I can still flash to it ?
Is that correct ?
I’m a real newbie , sorry

Also I do not need those 4 lines with Publish in it,
They are slowing the program to a crawl.
The new program I’m trying to flash does not need them

Safe Mode prevents your firmware from being started completely and keeps the device in a “system loop” where only the cloud connection gets serviced.

There are ways to keep publishing without impacting the code flow too much.
If we saw how you did it, we may be able to advise better and help the following in the process :wink:

I’ll try safe mode when I get home from work and update then

Thank you so much ScruffR, SHE’S ALL WORKING AGAIN !!!

Once I put it into SAFE mode using the buttons I was able to flash to it again

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