Can I use adafruit ufl Wifi-antenna?

Hi I want to buy 3 photons and ufl wifi antenna.

Here in South Korea there are official sellers for photon but they don’t sell particle ufl antenna.

One seller is going to sell adafruit ufl antenna as the seller is covering adafruit product too.

The shipping price of antenna from U.S. to Korea directly is too high(50 dollars!), so I want to buy adafruit antenna from domestic seller.

Q : Is it good to use this product for photon??


@Jun, the Adafruit antenna should work find. Any reason you need an external antenna? I you want extended range you may want to consider:

You will need this adapter to use those antennas:


Hi, I am planning to use photon in a tiny device, so don’t need those antenna. Those antennas are big and not flexible.
I used ufl antenna of photon before, it was enough to receive WiFi signal in the space I use.

Next time if I need extended range, I would consider buying them.


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Here’s the Photon external antenna I am using:

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