External Antenna For Photon


From the Photon datasheet - these are the antenna’s Particle has taken through FCC testing:

Antenna Type Manufacturer MFG. Part # Gain
Dipole antenna LumenRadio 104-1001 2.15dBi
Chip antenna Advanced Ceramic X AT7020-E3R0HBA 1.3dBi

From the Lumen Radio page - the 1004-1001 seems to be a ‘rubber-ducky’ model:
RP-TNC male connector
Order code: 104-1001

Is this the only external antenna that has been approved by the FCC with the Photon?
Can this be purchased in the US? (Lumen is in Sweden)
What was the lead length, cable type, and u.FL ‘pig-tail’ used in the FCC tests?

John W.

N-male connector
Order code: 104-1002

Can we use this antenna for an outside mount? Will we have to requalify with the FCC - we are not adding any active

John W.

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Hi @jwest

I am sure you could go through FCC qualification with this antenna but the N connector is physically much larger than the usual RP-SMA used for WiFi antenna. If you don’t have a good reason to use an N connector, I would find another antenna.

I realize this is an old thread but since it appears to be the only thread talking about the option of an external antenna thought it would make more sense to keep it here.

Through www.aclighting.com I tracked down that they have US dealers who can supply the specified LumenRadio antenna…quoted at $21.42 each!

For the external antenna to be more expensive then the actual Photon seems pretty ridiculous? I’m sure it is a good antenna but not exactly developer/maker/business friendly. I wonder why Particle certified with this antenna and not something more commonly available at a reasonable price (or those failed in tests)?

I am not an expert in this area, however in [the guide] (https://docs.particle.io/guide/how-to-build-a-product/certification/) it says:

Any host product incorporating the Photon/P0 or P1 modules does not require additional testing or authorization for the Wi-Fi transmitter as long as:
An antenna of the same type and equal or lesser gain to the antenna used for certification is used on the product.
Any restrictions found in the grants are followed in the OEM’s end product integration of Particle hardware.

That implies to me that you can use a different dipole antenna, as long as it has the same or less gain than the 2.15 dBi LumenRadio antenna.

Hi bloukingfisher, I tend to use this antenna with cable included (2-pack) for $7.57 ($3.78/ea).

This is the link to the item on Amazon:

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Thanks @ghovagim I’m currently using similar ones but was looking at a final product using an external that was already FCC certified which was part of the attraction of choosing Photon.