Can I see topics w/ new replies since I last read it?

Perhaps this is obvious, but I’m having trouble understanding the various ways the topic list is organized and displayed. I understand the “new” tag, on topics recently submitted. I understand the “Unread” which shows topics I am watching. But in the “Latest” topic list, is there a way to see which topics have what I would consider unread supplies? Typically an email-like system would bold these topics.

When viewing latest, make sure you are sorting by the “Activity” column, descending (click the column header to toggle descending/ascending). Then all the most recently updated threads will be on top.

Does this give you what you need, or did you mean something else?

Thanks @dougal, but I meant something else. I mean I want to know which threads have new posts in them since I last opened them. Something like most email programs do that group messages by conversation. Turn them bold when new emails come in that you haven’t read.

Perhaps I’m getting old but I can’t remember what threads I’ve read, and what ones I didn’t. Sometimes I don’t have a lot of time and I come to the forums and cherry pick 1 or 2 topics I’m really interested in. Then I come back later and read some others when I have more time. I can’t remember just by order “where I left off”.

After doing some more playing around, I guess this just doesn’t work that way. I think the designers of this otherwise very good and rich system, missed that.

Hi @rvnash

Threads with new posts have a blue dot next to them in the title view. New threads have the word “new” in blue next to them.

Thanks, @bko. That isn’t what I want. I guess I am having a hard time expressing the desire.

I want threads to be marked if they have posts in them newer than when I last viewed them. Surely this is a common request. It is the way every email program I have ever used works.

Hi @rvnash

What you are asking for is exactly how it works but you may need to change your preferences. Discourses keeps track of topics you are “interested” in but you might have to set your preferences to immediately track a topic.

You might need to just start using the Bookmark feature more.

If there’s a thread that you think you’ll want to keep track of, click the Bookmark button at the bottom of the thread. Then new replies there will cause it to show up in your Unread section.