Display Forum Search Restults chronologically

Any way to display Forum Search Results dropdown window in chronological order; newest at top ?

Just to get some more details; sorted by creation date of the topics, or by which has the most recent comments? Maybe clarifies it a bit more for the :spark: guys :slight_smile:


Good point. Being its context results of “my search word or phrase”, I think best to have results soted newest “Post Date”. Does that help ?

I really like that idea @spydrop - only question is if we’re able to do that. We’ll spend some time looking at https://meta.discourse.org/ for clues and if you notice anything let us know. @jgoggins and @zachary wouldn’t the option to search based on post date be kind of cool?

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Our best bet is this: https://meta.discourse.org/t/full-page-search-plugin-now-available/13791

but didn’t say if we can sort by date so i dropped a post there.

the search function has some buzz with users not being happy with the way it’s behaving etc :stuck_out_tongue:

If someone is good with Ruby…try making a plugin or add on to the plugin above since it’s open source? :smiley:

@Steph so i got the reply that yes sorting search by date is in this plugin among other options!

So we have you to buzz the team and see if this can be added on soon since they haven’t been popping by the forum too much lately :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Steph, Thanks for considering this and looks like its possible per @kennethlimcp, Absolutlely Awesome !


give her some sleep! hahahhahaha. kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

oh wait… it is like 6pm there? I must be waking up too early… :sleeping:


He, A little slack here, as I did wait 2 days before suggesting another change to this forum. Had to run my latest suggestion through my “what if I do this - will I need a life raft” program :smile:

Don’t you have a biscuit in the over, I mean proto-board :wink:

Cmon…next time…hit the search button, dig the solutions and wrap em up nicely for the :spark: team so they can’t say no :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t wait till i see the post and do it! :anguished:

hahahaha! just kidding once again. no issues with me since the community is gonna grow and it sounds useful too

Oven you mean? Dang. I wished it’s really in my house now and i’ll bake those shields and pop them on the :spark: core!

Now is time for some coffee at 6.30am…you guys should chill for the evening!