Last Discourse update makes notifications annoying

While I like the new appearence of the new version of Discourse I don’t like some features.

  • For one, whenever I receive a notification I seem to get several toasts for it for each forum tab I’ve got open in my browser (Chrome on Win8.1) - which are sometimes quite a lot.
  • And the other thing (which I can put up with, just have to remember to right click) is that when doing a search and then select “show more” the extra results are not shown in the drop-down (as they used to do, and the down-arrow suggests) but it causes the current tab to navigate away form the current thread into the “more results” page, which is sometimes annyoing if you try to quickly find a post to link in a post you are writing.

Agreed, i notice the same things

also i dont like the lack of the icon/picture it makes it had to scroll through and find the original poster if they dont have an icon, just looks like a quote in a long post… took me a while to work it out - maybe im just slow

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