OT: Iimproving the forum software

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I like this forum software a lot, it is easy to use and very user friendly. Can someone tell who made it?

That said, i think it can still be improved, i use the bookmark option a lot this days and it would be nice when the bookmarked items are all shown between the pinned items and the NONE bookmarket items.

Thanks for reading.

Yup, the forum search should be able to provide you with the answers you seek:

For convienience, these are the links:

An easy overview of you bookmarks can be found in your acount section over here:

I personally wouldn’t like my bookmarks to be ‘pinned’, since I’d have to scroll down for ages to get to new topics since I’ve got quite a few bookmarks. But feel free to let the guys at Discourse know.

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Also, if you didn’t already realize it, the “Unread” tab at the top will just show you the new entries for topics that you’ve bookmarked (either explicitly, or implicitly by replying or spending enough time reading the thread).

By contrast, the “New” tab shows new topics posted that you have not read or dismissed yet.

These two tabs are where I spend most of my time.