Can Boron be used to recieve and send SMS?



is it possible to use the Boron LTE to send and recieve SMS (with a third party SIM)? if so, is there any tutorial about?

Many thanks


Much of the behaviors of the Boron are similar to that of the Electron.

With that said, you wouldn’t be able to receive or send SMS with a first party SIM.

I cannot immediately say for certain that a Boron LTE would be able to send SMS with a third party SIM, but I am inclined to believe that it should be able to. @rickkas7 can likely give the final say on this.

I can’t make any promises when Rick will see this and reply, so if you are feeling impatient and a bit adventurous, you should be able to give this a go on your own to see if it behaves well. For setting up a third party SIM with the Boron, you can follow the documentation found at for setting up a third party SIM with your Boron.

From there, I would explore our forums a bit to see others who have tried this with the Electron. I know there is the Twilio method with webhooks. Twilio has an article on this at --I see no reason why you wouldn’t be able to apply this with the Boron as well.

If you happen to try it out, let us know the results! We’d be happy to know how it goes. And if you have any snags, we can certainly try to help out.


I haven’t checked whether the command set of the ublox module used for Boron LTE supports this, but trying this won’t harm :wink:


It looks like the SMS commands on the u-blox SARA-R410 are the same, so I’d say there’s a pretty good chance the examples for the SARA-U and SARA-G will work correctly on the SARA-R4 (Boron LTE) with a 3rd-party SIM card, but I haven’t tried it.


Thank you very much! Is there any similar example for listening to incoming SMS?


You can try this

But if you want to make most of this community, you may want to use the search feature of this forum


Thanks for suggesting this, but I can’t make it work. I’m using a third-party SIM which I know can send text messages when installed in a phone. But sendMessage() always returns -120 for me. (Which is strange because -120 is not one of the documented return values from Cellular.command() )


Have you provided the target number correclty?


It’s not even getting to the point where the target number would matter. Every command I’ve tried, even the setup commands (like Cellular.command(“AT+CMGF=1\r\n”) all return -120.


I believe the problem is that Cellular.command isn’t supported on the Boron yet.


Well, that would certainly explain it! Is that documented anywhere, and are there plans to support it in the future?


On another thread, @rickkas7 pointed to the source code (it’s not supported on the Boron):

int cellular_command(_CALLBACKPTR_MDM cb, void* param, system_tick_t timeout_ms, const char* format, …) {


So, for now at least, the answer to the question “Can Boron be used to receive and send SMS?” is “no”


Thats really a problem…

Is there any date to provide access to cellular. command? Who is the right person to ask?