Boron simple SMS project with 3rd party sim

Anyone who have a simple Boron SMS sending/receiving project they would like to share

Nothing appears simple with the Boron.

Looks like right now, no SMS support

It seems like the modem in the boron has AT commands for SMS functionality, but I have used various different LTE CAT M1 / NB modems and although some of them provide SMS capability, I have run into issues with network compatibility… When testing multiple Verizon and AT&T modems from different manufacturers here in the USA, something about the narrow band cellular services blocks SMS between carriers. I was able to send messages to phone numbers within the same network but sending from a Verizon modem to an AT&T cell phone or vice versa would not work. Just a note if this ever comes up.

If it were me I’d just utilize twilio unless your client requires that there is no actual active “data” connection on the device and will only provide a voice / SMS sim card.

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