BSoM B404X Unresponsive to Cloud Commands

I've been having some issues with a few BSoM's that is very similar to the "Boron Unresponsive to Cloud Commands" thread. Some BSoM's when powered on and show the breathing cyan connected visual indicator, will not respond to any cloud functions. The console reports that the device is currently unreachable by the Particle Cloud. I have plenty of BSoM devices that have been tested and work fine but this issue is effecting only a few of them so I don't believe it is an error in the code.

Hey @Zack did you ever narrow down the issue?
Take a look at this - Boron LTE disconnects - #2 by rickkas7

Haven't solved the issue yet but, this looks like it could be the same issue as you experienced. I will troubleshoot and see if it fixes it, thank you for your help!