Breathing Orange - MODE button has no effect [SOLVED]

The spark core is in a constant state of breathing orange LED. Pushing the RESET button turns LED white for a second and then goes back to breathing orange. Holding the MODE button for any period of time has no effect. Factory reset goes through the appropriate LED color changes, but then returns to breathing orange.

Here’s a video of the current state of my spark core.

As background, I got this back in June, and haven’t worked with it since July.

Oh, that’s weird! I don’t suppose you changed the factory image by chance? As a sanity check can you try a different USB cable / power supply?


[SOLVED] - The USB port that I plugged the core into didn’t provide enough power for the board. Plugging it into a suitable USB port returned the core to normal operation.


Yes, just under the wire! :slight_smile: