[Solved] My core is blinking red

I’ve been using my core for some time it hadn’t occurred any problem since now, when plugged in the color immediately turns red and blinks for about 2 seconds. I tried the hard reset when holding both the mode and reset, still no color yellow when the mode button is released.

Could you be a bit more precise what kind of red blinking you see

For a factory reset you only release the RESET button and keep the MODE button pressend until it first starts flashing yellow - still keep it pressed till it starts flashing white

Edit, link to factory reset topic here: http://docs.spark.io/connect/#appendix-factory-reset

@Moors7: Thanks, I was looking for that, but failed to find it :blush:


Yup thanks! its already blinking blue, btw is there any possibility that a spark core will die? Literally die, not work?

Any technical device can die out of a multitude of reasons.

But Spark has not planned on any Core to do so :wink:


Then I think that would be very great for my team, thank you!