Boron unbind rebind failed

After borron unbinds and releases the SIM card, the re registration is unsuccessful. Please help me how to handle it? thank you

Releasing ownership of a SIM puts it in fully deactivated state. For many SIMs, it may take a few hours or possibly a day or longer for the SIM to reactivate. If you are using an activate with wait, such as in the mobile app, it will almost always fail, but it will eventually succeed. If you are using the API, using the asynchronous activate works better.

If you’ve only paused the SIM, it will usually be much faster to reactivate, but not always.

If you have a device with an EtherSIM, it should reactivate in several seconds.

Thank you for your reply. It has been 4 to 5 days, but it still can’t be bound. Can you help me see if there are other ways to deal with it?
The QR code is scanned successfully, and the screenshot of binding failure is as follows.

You should attach the LiPo battery too.

The error in the first figure indicates that the battery is installed.