Boron som dead, no light 😭. Please help me save penguin_doctor EDIT: Rick saved penguin doctor

EDIT I just found this article Status LED and Device Modes - Boron | Tutorials | Particle… trying now.

Hi there, I’ve had a real trooper of a borom som eval board. The name bestowed upon it by the God Spark was penguin_doctor. HE WAS DESTINED FOR GREAT THINGS!

Today penguin_doctor doesn’t seem to power up. The battery charging light will come on briefly when I toggle that switch before shutting off (I assume it’s fully charged and this is the separate fuel gauge doing it’s job).
I’ve tried holding MODE for 10 seconds and also praying to Bas. No luck with either.

  • no usb devices are detected either.
    Suggestions for other things to try deeply appreciated before I mourn my lost companion.

I do have a particle debugger if that helps anything.

-also please consider this formal petition to double the amount of emojis allowed in forum titles. One sobbing face is not enough to express my loss (however the pool of tears collecting below the emoji is quite relevant and far superior to many other emoji sets)

OMG :penguin: :man_health_worker: :heartpulse: :heartbeat: :heart_eyes: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

no longer do I pay respect to any false gods. Rick of the documentation has healed the healer of penguins. May fish flow eternally into his home and feed his family for 10 generations.


Seriously though, this did not work on Windows, as it wasn’t able to find the path to the hex file, so I switched to mac and things worked great!

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