Particle Boron charging but will not power indicator light on

Hello, this is my first post so please let me know if something is incorrect about the format.

I am working on a weather station using a particle boron to record and send the to the cloud. After coming back from the weekend I noticed that the board had slipped into search mode with a blinking blue light. Looking at the boron data sheet I found that I could switch it out of this mode and got it to reconnect to cellular. However, coming back the next day not indicator light was on. I checked if it was receiving power, ground faults in the system, and if the system would respond to being plugged into a computers usb port. When it is plugged into the usb port of my computer the charging light comes on and other sensors on in the system receive power, but the board itself will not turn the indicator light on and will not connect to cellular.

Is there any ideas as to what might be causing these issues?

Thank you

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