My boron seems dead. I can run the web reflash tool but the led never appears

My boron was installed for a long time and was updating thingspeak every 15 minutes for years. I believe I lost power and it ran on battery for a while but never recovered. I was finally able to physically access it to see what was troubling it. I connected USB directly and removed the lipo. The main led is not on and the charging light just flashes. I could not see it in the cloud. I then ran the device restore over usb. Even though the led was out it appeared. I successfully did the restore according to the PC but again the LED never illuminated. Now I cant even see it when plugged into USB.

Are there any tricks to revive this or is it kaput? I do not believe it had any power supply issues other than it ran on battery for a while. It was in a waterproof box and looks new.

@macsboost ,

Sorry to hear you are having this issue.

One thing to try would be to connect a fully charged LiPO battery as well as the USB cable to eliminate the possibility that the computer is not providing enough juice.

Hope this helps,


it is still not flashing any led for status yet i can connect and reset via the usb cable. I cannot see it on the network either. I purchased another as I need to get this up and running again.

Hi, when you say that above, did you use the web restore tool or something else?

web restore tool.

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