Boron LTE Unresponsive - Solid Yellow in CHG LED

I have a new Boron LTE. I completed the setup and got connected, could blink the D7 LED over the LTE network.

I inserted the Boron into a classic adapter and then inserted the classic adapter w/ Boron into a Relay Shield. I was powering everything from USB plugged into the Boron. Using tinker I was able to activate the relays on the relay shield. All this was working as of two days ago.

Today nothing is working. The yellow CHG LED on the Boron is lit and not blinking. The blue power LED on the relay shield is lit and not blinking. The Boron status LED is not lit. It’s not connecting to the cloud. It seems dead.

I have power cycled the Boron several times and I have removed it from the relay shield and adapter and done all the power cycle, mode presses, and reset presses several times.

Any idea how to wake the dead?

Hi Rickmatt,

I have this same problem with one of my Borons. Mounted in a special PCB of which I have 20 pieces running in the field. This one gave up his spirits when power connected.

Have you been able to wake your Boron?

Can’t find it in CLI- Particle doctor with USB connected.

– edit: D7 led is very dim. Found that reloading the bootloader may fix the device. Only thing is that it is unclear to me how to upload the bootloader with the Particle debugger when there is no CLI connection. Did some pretty extensive searching on the community.