Boron LTE Stuck Flashing Green

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I would rather have an $90 Boron the size of a football, with an SMA connector, than the current Boron with these garbage, inoperable u.FL connectors.


Not ideal, but would a little dab of hot glue help alleviate the vibration problems?

EDIT: Looks like there’s a matching network next to the u.FL connector on the Boron, so removing the hot glue / pigtail would be tricky. If it’s a permanent installation though it might be an option to improve reliability. I’m not (too) ashamed of using a little hot glue on my boards to hold headers in place. :wink:


Be aware that some hot glue types are acidic and will damage solder mask and tracks over time - we always use a neutral silicon adhesive - a feature is that silicon solvent will remove it (and maybe a bit of mask - but won’t damage copper)