Electrons stuck in flashing green

Hi Particle team,

I’ve got 40+ Electrons stuck in flashing green. These devices have all sorts of different firmware installed, one with tinker on 0.5.0 and one in safe mode. Some have been running for a month or more with the same firmware. I assume we can eliminate issues with my code, but I could be wrong.

They all lost network connection roughly at the same time, around 4pm PST.

The status page at http://status.particle.io/ says the carriers are still operational, but it seems this could be the issue. My cell phone (on AT&T 4G still works) so I am assuming the network is not down. Is there a way the Particle devices could be blocked?

To my knowledge, I am current on my payments for cellular usage :wink:

Anyone else experiencing the issue? I would like to resolve it ASAP.

@hwestbrook, my Electrons are doing the same thing. Not sure when it started but both are flashing green and won’t connect.

I am having the same issue. Electron has worked flawlessly for a month or two. Just noticed this after I got home from work today. (Assuming around 6 pm CST)

Has me a little worried being that I’m trying to show a product prototype in a couple weeks.

My photons are connecting just fine.

Ok… it’s now official

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Well… me too. FWIW, just outside Houston, TX. Oh, and mine alternates green flashing with breathing white for a moment.

Same here in Bay Area California…

Yup, mine too (21:44 CDT)

And here in Ottawa, Canada

and I am in Oregon.

Mine too. I just opened this thing for the first time.

Mine too. I’m in Puerto Rico (Caribbean).

Me too, in Syracuse NY. Pretty widespread. @peekay123 where did you get that message?

@knoose, here


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Thanks for all the posts, folks. Our status site will continue to be the best place to monitor this issue as we track it to resolution, but I wanted to chime in with our appreciation of your help identifying the issue with our carrier.

Same here in Indianapolis, IN :smile:

I’m it it seems like AT&T or T-Mobile right?

Back in the land of the living here.

Yup, checked this morning and it was reconnected. A somewhat broad outage and somewhat disconcerting.

somewhat disconcerting

I wholeheartedly agree.

Does anyone know if we can still run our application code without connecting to the internet? Such as a timeout when it can't find service, then run the code and store the values for later when it doesn't timeout? That would at least prevent data loss.

Yes, SYSTEM_MODE() and SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) are the magic words to look up in the reference docs in this connection.
Cellular.ready() is also a good one to know if you are connected or not :wink: