Boron LTE Stuck Flashing Green

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Hi Heath.

The muxer issue in #1862 is an issue that is known to impact both Boron 2G/3G but is not something that impacts E Series devices

For LTE devices you should be running on no earlier than device OS v1.2.1 for all the latest LTE fixes. That I am aware, no known LTE issues exist past v1.2.1 at this time.


@mstanley, thanks for the update. Just for clarity, we are testing and planning to deploy the Electron LTE, not E-Series LTE.


Hi Heath.

My apologies on the mispeak there. I had intended to speak of the Electron LTE, specifically. The Electron LTE and E Series LTE are very similar in nature. No Gen 2 (of which, the Electron LTE is based on) will be impacted by this issue, so there’s no worries to be had. It still stands that no known issues exist for the Electron LTE or any other gen 2 devices past v1.2.1 at this time.


Thanks for the clarification!


I can attest coming across the same issue recently: disconnect in case of weak signal and never connect again, staying in the green light blinking mode. Running OS 1.1.0 for a few months. I also observed a little different behavior which I would like to draw attention to, I described in another post: Boron thinks it's online, console disagrees.

I’m about to place an order on 100 Borons for our pilot run of connected devices and it’s important to know we can proceed with the launch confidently as the product’s successful reception depends on it.


I would look at this issue: Boron LTE Fails to Connect before purchasing any more Boron’s.

In our test of 20 Borons in the field, 3 have failed this way. We’d like to put another 40-60 in the field, but I think we will hold on that until Particle gets to root cause on these issues.

For some context, our carrier board can sit either a Boron or an Electron – we have not had an Electron failure and have similar numbers of Electrons in the field.


Hi Paul,

The connectivity symptom you are describing is inline with an understood issue we have identified for all Boron devices. A release candidate will be out this upcoming week in order to address the issue. I certainly encourage you to update to it as soon as it’s out to let us know if it helps alleviate the connectivity issues you’re seeing here.

The memory leak issue identified on the Boron is specific to the Boron. It would make sense that your Electrons are not exhibiting similar behavior. Our upcoming v1.3.1 release candidate should alleviate this issue for your devices as well.


Thanks, Matthew. Will be looking out for the upcoming release.



If this is a memory leak issue, wouldn’t a full power cycle resolve it?

My devices cannot connect even after a full power cycle. I’ve both power cycled in person AND my carrier board has a hardware watchdog that power cycles if no communication.


Hi Heath,

I would expect a power cycle to fix a memory leak issue, yes.

However, we are aware of more than one issue that can lead to blinking green. The case of where a device boots up fine and goes into a blinking green state is believed to be a memory leak. The state where it initializes in blinking green is known to have multiple causes and only some are understood. Some fixes to mitigate this are also in device OS v1.3.1-rc but may not mitigate all cases. It would be helpful to upgrade to v1.3.1-rc and see if the issues are still exhibited to understand how this bad state interacts with the latest bugfixes.


Do you mean “I would expect a power cycle to fix a memory leak issue, yes.” ?


Aha! So I did! Transposing some phrases there. :stuck_out_tongue: Fixed!



How long were your power cycles?
I have noticed that a brief cycle has minimal effect. <1 sec.
However, a 5 second seems to recover things.
I am wondering if certain registers in the modem do not reset to a working state unless a long enough powering off happens to the modem.


I’ve power cycled for different lengths of time, including 24 hours+. The problem with my Borons cannot be fixed by power cycle as far as I can tell.


@mstanley Is there a date that v1.3.1-rc is out. Some of us are hanging for it :wink:


Hi ric. Preparation occurred today for the release. A few more tests need to be run but it’s my understanding is that if everything goes well, we expect a release tomorrow.


Seems to have hit the street already :smiley:



This is 1.3.0-rc.1 (out for a long time already) not 1.3.1-rc.1 :wink:


Somedays are clearly always Mondays :smiley:


Hi folks, we have released device OS v1.3.1-rc.1 to tackle some of the issues causing difficulty to all the users here. Please refer to Status Update for cellular connectivity issues | 8/21/19 for instructions on how to provide feedback and debug logs. Thanks! @Paul_M @darkstar2002 @sdevo619