Boron LTE - Sticky EPS

Hi everyone,

My Boron LTE doesn’t want to connect to cell anymore (I’m up here in Edmonton, Canada).
I had situations in the past where my Boron would not connect to the cloud and kept blinking green.
This usually resolved itself after a couple of hours on its own. This time my Boron is offline for a couple of days now, any help is much appreciated.

To the troubleshooting:
I get the following error message saying:
“Sticky EPS denied state for 15 s, RF reset”
This message repeats with the seconds (“15 s”) increasing.

Does anyone know what this message means?

To isolate the problem I have flashed the usb tinker application, but I see the same messages.

Is this a hardware or a network problem?


Hi there, are you willing to open a ticket for this ( Please follow the instructions here to populate that ticket with the requisite information:! Thanks! We can update this post once we have some results!