Boron LTE not connecting to cloud anymore

Boron LTE all of a sudden not connecting to the cloud anymore. It’s stuck in connecting mode and when it does connect, it only lasts briefly. How can I go about fixing this?

Without any modification to it whatsoever?

What phase of it exactly?
What does the RGB LED do?
Got a 30+sec video to share?

I don’t believe I made any modifications. Here’s a video of what it’s typically like now.

As I am typing this post, it temporarily started blinking red at a random interval. Before I took the video I linked, it connected briefly but instantly lost connection the moment I touched it. But it is currently behaving exactly like in the video I linked.

Edit: It connected again, and I tried moving it up and down, only to have it disconnect again.

Can you try attaching a battery? This does seem like a constant reboot caused by too little current delivered in time while the cell connection wants to be established.
That’s also backed by the short flicker of the OLED display at timestamp 0:22

A LiPo would be the safest bet but for LTE you could get away with a more powerful USB supply.

Yeah, I have it connected to a power pack for charging phones. Perhaps my wire is faulty…however, I don’t think that’s the case. Now it’s not connected at all.

@ata2, @ScruffR is referring to a LiPo battery connected to JST connector on the Boron. Often, external battery packs will shut down if not enough current is drawn from the powered device which may be part of the problem. I suggest you follow @ScruffR’s instructions and also power the Boron from a good quality wall charger (min 1Amp) and test again.