Boron LTE will no longer connect

I have a Boron LTE (North America) using internal sim: OS Version 3.0.0-rc.1. Connected via USB and has a 2000mah lipo attached and charged.

The device is on my desk and I have been testing for the last few days. I would estimate that it stayed connected about 80% of the time. At other times, it would refuse to connect. The cell signal strength reports at about 60% at the Particle console.

In an effort to eliminate my code as a cause and try to understand and improve connectivity, I downloaded and installed the cloud debug tool (boron.bin) 2.1.4. It did connect for about an hour and now will not connect at all for the last 3 hours even after power down reset.

Particle Console says the sim is active.

Here is the report portion that seems to mostly repeat while it tries to connect:

0000114537 [system] ERROR: Failed to load session data from persistent storage
0000117331 [app] INFO: Still trying to connect to the cloud 00:50
0000117331 [app] INFO: Power source: USB Adapter
0000117333 [app] INFO: Battery state: charged, SoC: 98.83
0000127331 [app] INFO: Still trying to connect to the cloud 01:00
0000127331 [app] INFO: Power source: USB Adapter
0000127333 [app] INFO: Battery state: charged, SoC: 98.83
0000130435 [system] ERROR: Failed to determine server address
0000130436 [system] WARN: Cloud socket connection failed: -230
0000137331 [app] INFO: Still trying to connect to the cloud 01:10
0000137331 [app] INFO: Power source: USB Adapter
0000137333 [app] INFO: Battery state: charged, SoC: 98.83
0000138435 [system] WARN: Internet test failed: DNS
0000138436 [system] WARN: Handling cloud error: 2
0000138535 [system] INFO: Cloud: connecting


0002359852 [] INFO: EPS network (CEREG) Status: registration denied (3)

My specific question has to do with “ERROR: Failed to load session data from persistent storage.” Does this mean my hardware has a problem, or should I be looking for or trying something else?

Thank you for your consideration.


@bwhitsitt ,

Sorry you are having issues.

I see the “ERROR: Failed to load…” line all the time. I don’t think that is the issue.

The “registration denied” is likely the problem. It is possible that your SIM card has been blacklisted by your carrier. Given you have log files from the cloud debug, I would suggest you open a ticket.

You may also want to try a “cloud restore” and select a production release of deviceOS.

Good luck,



I’ll give that a try. Thanks.

Just a final note. Particle support was helpful. However, none of the steps produced solid success but at least eliminated various potential issues including public and private keys, etc. Plus, I learned more in the process.

My device decided to connect on its own after leaving it on overnight last night. However, it would not stay connected.

I had another working Boron on the same table that showed a signal strength of about 50%. However, my problem device was only showing 18% signal strength when it would connect.

(All percentages are from Particle Vitals)

I set up a 3rd Boron and connected it to the installed antenna of the 1st problem Boron. My new Boron shows a signal strength about 36%.

So, perhaps there is a connector problem or radio modem issue of some kind with my problem Boron.

Curious if anyone has observed something like this?

It seems that I got caught trying to rescue this device because it was working well at one time and I didn’t really think there was a problem with the hardware.

But, I will likely abandon the 1st Boron and proceed with the working device.


Hey, just out of curiosity, I would try with another antenna, to rule that one out.

Thank for the idea.

Gave it a try. Same result. It just does not want to connect, and very weak when it does.

hey, I do not know if you got it to work, but if not, I suggest you open a support ticket.

Thanks for checking. I did open a support ticket. Eventually replaced the processor and have had no connection issues.

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