Bootloader version mismatch in OS 1.4.0?

It there a place I can look at the bootloader change log?

The OS 1.4.0 for the e-series lists the bootloader version 400 in system module 2. But from the release for the bootloader “electron-bootloader@1.4.0+lto.bin” has the version as 500.

Does it matter if the bootloader is version 400 for the e-series for OS 1.4.0?

Hi @wesner0019.

Interesting distinction, though I don’t believe it should be causing any issues.

First, generally speaking, it’s not always necessary to manually update the bootloader (though we bump the version number within the release) - if you were moving to 1.4.0 from 1.3.x, for example. The E-Series hosts the bootloader within its system_parts anyways, so it will update the bootloader as needed.

Is there another issue present here that motivated you to investigate the bootloader?

thanks for the explanation.

I was just checking the bootloader version to make sure it was the most upto date and noticed this.

Is there a pleace with bootloader change logs?

I’m curious what degree of resolution you’re looking for! I believe for most users, this suffices. If not, please let me know if you’re looking for something specific - either here, or by a private message.

This mostly suffices.

I am wondering if there are change logs for the bootloader in general?