Bogus library example shown in IDE. How do I remove it?

Somehow I got two copies of an example for a library I published. This happened when I first published the library but the two examples were identical so I ignored it. I have updated the library and examples so now there are two examples with the same name, one of them is the new one, the other is obsolete.
How can I remove the old one?

I copied the library into a new project (particle library copy myLibrary) and it did not copy the bogus example but I would still like to remove it from the IDE.

The example is AssetTracker2/1_GPS_Features.


You may need to upload/publish a new revision (e.g. 0.3.1) which only contains the wanted samples in Examples.
This would also give a chance to add a GitHub repository for that library. This would also allow to check the actual structure of the project and file proposals and issue reports.
Currently we can only guess your library structure.

Thanks ScruffR, you really get around! Prompt answers to all my novice questions.

I published a new revision with only the wanted sample but the old version is still shown in the IDE.

And I added the git repository. I hope it was all done correctly.


Old revisions can’t be removed (yet?) but when you click the (i) icon underneath the library name, you can select which version you want to use and users are well advised to always use the latest version unless their project relied on some deprecated features of previous versions.

But now I see the issue that there is no real reason for the duplicated 1_GPSFeatures.ino to be there at all. This is definetly wrong and may need to be repaired by someone at Particle (@rickkas7?)