Bob elliott - cannot connect with spark core with avd

I have noticed that if I connect to the core using my smart phone and the tinker app everything is fine. if I then run the avd with the spark core app loaded on it, I can control the spark core with the avd tinker controls. I cannot, however, connect to the core with the avd without first connecting to it with the smart phone. does anyone know how to do this. I have read alot on the smartconfig from ti but cannot figure out how to do it from my desktop using the eclipse avd.

Hmm, are you trying to do smart config, or just control the core in the Android Virtual Device? I would think they’d be the same, the main exception being just making sure your AVD can get online, login to your account, etc. Are you running the App from the APK file, or are you running it from source ( ) through Eclipse?


I downloaded the spark core
app from github and of course had to go through all the changes that
needed to be made/added. you know – had to change the fonts, had to add
smartconfig, etc to the downloaded code. Then used eclipse and the
emulator to run the spark core along with 2 other packages – one was
fontify and the other I forget right now. When I try to connect with the
emulator it does not allow me to do it. As a matter of fact the login
screen that you have to login with does not show my local network. If I
use the smart phone my local network shows up automatically. I tried
changing the code to allow me to put in the name but that does not work
either. It never connects and the physical core just keeps blinking

Hmm, Make sure your computer (running the AVD) is connected to WiFi –

I know it is connected somehow to wifi because once I connect through the smart phone I can manipulate all the ports on the spark device with the emulator. This is true even though the emulator does not acknowledge that it is connected.

Hi @roelliott,

The Smart Config process itself uses your Wi-Fi connection to initialize the core. Once you’re inside the Android app itself, it uses its internet connection (wifi or no) to send API requests to the Cloud API .

I’m not personally super experienced with the mobile emulators, but I remember they were picky about not truly emulating Wi-Fi unless your computer itself was on a Wi-Fi network, as opposed to being online via an wired ethernet connection, etc.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile: