Connection spark core and android

Hi guys, i am trying to have a project that using the spark core to connect my house appliance and control it through the android device. But i don’t want to using the tinker to connect it, i want to build up my own interface for the android. now i am facing a problem is that i don’t know how to connect the spark core with my own android application. so i am here to having your suggestion. tq…

from: michael

You can use the Android Tinker App source code as a brilliant starting point for your own app.
This way you’d get the Smart Config and the list of all your claimed Cores for free.

If you don’t need/want this you could do it via something like a WebView element in your app that displays a tailor made page (e.g. like Spark API Helper or AtomIoT). This way you’d stay device independent with your web page and could even run it out any browser.

And there are loads of other approaches, each with its own pros and cons.

Here is the android app source code: