Bluz USB gateway (P1) stuck in listening mode

I have a Bluz USB gateway (utilizes a P1) that I can’t get out of listening mode. I’ve tried a multitude of times with the Particle app and via CLI (particle setup), but can’t seem to get the P1 past listening mode. There is no Reset button – only a Setup button, so I can’t use the technique of pressing the Reset button immediately after providing WiFi credentials.

According to particle identify, the device is running 0.5.1 and it does show a device ID.

@ctmorrison, if you hold the setup button down while you power up the gateway, it should behave the same way as pushing the missing RESET button.

@peekay123, Thanks for the tip…I’ll give that a try tonight!

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@ctmorrison - I realise this is some time back now however did you eventually get this working?

Would you, or anyone else, have any example code for the Gateway shield to pick up other BLE devices nearby (I say other and mean non-BluzDK devices).

My project involves trying to get some data off the Thunderboard Sense board from Silicon Labs. So I’ll need the GWS to connect, pair and then request the right pieces of data. Any example code on this would be a great help…!