Claiming a Bluz DK in '21


Recently found a batch of old Bluz DK among my boards and i was wondering if there is a way to connect these to the particle cloud in 2021… I managed to claim the USB gateway via the Particle app, but there does not seem to be a way to claim a bluz DK…

Any thoughts?


oh those lovely Bluz devices, they were great!
anyhow, have you tried this?

indeed i have… but the “claim procedure” in the iOS app is a bit… well… let’s just say it’s aimed towards newer devices… I could claim the gateway thingy because it has a P1 inside…

when claiming a device the app wants to connect to the devices wifi… but the Bluz DK device does not have a wifi chip… only BLE…

Does anybody know if there’s a way to program the bluz via FTDI… so without any of the cloud thingies (i really don’t need any of the cloud stuff, just want to connect locally to the gateway)…


Hi Ales,
you mentioned that you tried to use the PArticle app.
The link I provided tells you to use the bluz app to claim a device:

have you tried using that app?
thanks, and please disregard if you have already done it that way also.


ah, yes, sorry… the Bluz app is no longer available from the app store (apple, in my region) :frowning:

oh true, maybe bluz stopped paying the yearly apple fee (which is normal under the current situation) and the app got de-listed.
Any Android tablet or device around the house?
the android app seems to still be there:

if not, maybe there is a way to do it via USB?

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thank you for that link… but there doesn’t seem to be anything that i could apply… i’ll try to look around for an android phone…

sucks that support was dropped so fast…

Hi, if you are able to claim a USB Bluz gateway try with this:
You can login with your particle account but please note that is a pretty old and doesn’t support mfa (mfa has to be disabled on your Particle account ) If I remember correctly you gonna be able claim your bluz from there :+1:
here is full code you can play a little and even add mfa service

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thank you for the reply! i managed to log in with the particle account and i could see the gateway. The only option offered was to update the gateway and now i’m waiting for any status reply…

Will post status when the update is done…


Interesting… the update completed successfully… but all i can see is the claimed gateway and nothing else, no buttons, nothing.

setup anbox on my machine in an attempt to use the android bluz app - no luck, the app is not compatible with newer android devices :frowning:

surely there must be a way to claim a bluz… anybody?

maybe open a ticket with PArticle to see if they can help?

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Could also tag @eely22 and see if he can help.


Hi, sorry it’s my fault as I was sure that there should be a possibility to claim bluz but looks like it’s just for updating the gateway. I’m going to dig a little and will let you know if will figure out something

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i filed a ticket with particle so we’ll see what the official position is…

i might also use arduino nano 33 ble and a bluetooth scanner to try to get the ID out of the Bluz DK device…

No reply to the created ticket… is particle support even on??

@alesstimec, Particle is not responsible for 3rd party products and the Bluz product stopped being supported quite some time ago.

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If you go into the App Store, and look under your purchased apps, you will find it there. I replaced my phone twice in 2020 and reloaded the app both times.


I agree, Particle is not responsible… But still would be nice if they at least replied to the created ticket…

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