BLE OTA uploading


Continuing the discussion from BLE didnt sent the right data from one argon board to the other argon board:

I was reading some old posts and came across 2 comments where cloud building and BLE is not working correctly.

Is this still the case. Would I be able to develop BLE solutions and cloud flash them from my VS Particle workbench or must BLE applications be flashed locally?


@melt777 Is your question to do with having a Gen3 device running not cloud connected just doing BLE comms with another device and then trying to OTA flash it? The post was dated in July and BLE was still beta release - the first GA was with 1.3.1 and we are now 1.4.1-rc.1. Should be fine now.


My Project consist of multiple gateways each of which service a mesh . The Xenon’s are all configured as centrals some as centrals and peripherals all communicating to beacons, some beacons being Xenon’s.

Just need to make sure if I have a few out there that I can OTA upgrade them since they are all running BLE API.

I have had no issue so far, but im still testing.



To do OTA flash you need the endnode device connected to the cloud - breathing cyan LED. Because this consumes more power I only do this when I want to update and I have implemented a method for each gateway to request the endnode to switch on OTA and cloud connect. The mesh doesn’t operate over BLE so any far end nodes would need to mesh network connect then cloud connect.


Im using the BLE functionality inside the mesh network. i.e My beacon sends a payload via the mesh to the gateway.
They all breathing Cyan and all used in central mode. I just need to know that, should I need to upgrade firmware, I can safely do it OTA. Like I said I have not had any issues, it was just that thread I came across I needed to make sure off.