BLE Example, bluetooth proximity detection


I have very little experience with particle Argon and any help would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone have any examples using Bluetooth detection with the Argon board? I’d like to try use one argon board to detect another device using Bluetooth and when this happens perhaps set off a small buzzer or a vibration device. I know this won’t be a simple but if anyone could point me in the right direction of examples or any other threads on here with something similar.

Thanks in advance!


HI @Devinm501, would this guide be helpful?

Let us know.

Hi @particle7888 Sorry for my late response.

I have had a look at that and though it does what I need, i was hoping to find an example that would automatically advertise and look for bluetooth signals then turn on a light when one is close by, instead of having to scan using the browser. I can’t seem to find an example that allows for auto detection if you like using BLE.

Do you know of any examples that do this?

Thank you very much for your response, i understand im being quite particular but any help is greatly appreciated.

Please see the section on Device Nearby and let us know if fit your needs.