Argon BLE2WiFi gateway example

Hi everybody, I am looking for an example where an Argon scan data and send them via wifi to a specific platform.
I guess that the loop get the data from peripherals, disconnect the BLE, connect to WiFi and send it to any kind of URL.
Is it something feasable, I would appreciate to get an example thanks in advance for your help.

salut Guy and welcome to the community!

In the docs there is a bunch of examples (at least for scanning on BLE). Maybe you can get inspiration from them?

EDIT: After the scanning takes place, you can send the information via webhooks to the desired URL.


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Hi gus ( i do not know your first name i assume it is gus) thanks for your answer.
I have seen these example and guess that there is a kind of misunderstanding on the term BLE gateway.
In the examples in the docs the gateway means Central to peripheral, and what I would expect is Central to peripheral to Wifi (with webhooks or any other way). So my concern is the following:
Can we Connect to peripheral get the data and then connect to wifi send the data on the internet and disconnect the wifi to scan again. Apparently yes because we can use wifi off. Best regards.

Yup, I'm Gus for the Particle friends (or Gustavo).

You can control everything by firmware, so yes, you can make the Argon (or any Particle device) to scan, then connect to wifi, send the info required, then disconnect.

If you elaborate more on what you have in mind or your needs, maybe the community can chip in and give more input.

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Thanks I believe that I need to make a try probably with the photon 2 unfortunately it is not yet available.

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