BLE + Boron Connectivity

Is it possible to connect third-party BLE device with Boron BLE without any specific application and using BLE mac address?..

Most likely yes, as long you know how that 3rd party device communicates (i.e. not using proprietary/undocumented data formats)

To answer more specific we’d need to know which devices you are thinking of.

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I am trying to connect BLE Game Controllers with Boron Is it possible??..

Which brand?
There seems to be a parallel question in the same direction but using an Argon (which is no different to the Boron when it comes to BLE).

You can try an app like nRF Connect to see whether it can pick up the MAC of your game controller and also learn something about it’s exposed services, characteristics and data format.


I believe that’s important, just make sure they are BLE controllers and not Bluetooth controllers.
Find more info on this on the similar topic cited by ScruffR in his post.

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