Redbear Nano v2 to Boron BT / BLE

It’s a long shot but here goes. I developed with a partner a “BLE remote control” of sorts but I built it on a Redbear Nano v2 and an Electron a couple of years ago as a POC. Well I have some time on my hands and was wondering if I can convert the code to use the integrated Bluetooth / BLE Boron / Argon and keep the Nano on the remote side? Right now I have an Electron connected to a Redbear Nano v2 via UART. As the other Redbear Nano v2 remote pairs I can press a button on the remote and it triggers the mapped GPIO pins on the Electron

So would the code be the same just changing the I/O mappings or are there worlds differences between a Redbear nano v2 (nRF52832) and the Boron / Argon (nRF52840)

We don't know your code so we cannot possibly say, but chances are good.