Looking for Freelancer / Developer on a Boron / BLE project

I’ve been working on a project with the Asset tracker and Electron for about a month with very little success. With the announcement of the new Boron the hardware specs have been simplified significantly. I’d like to work with a programmer on a 5 button BLE remote control with a 3g / LTE hardware interface and maybe an app. I think this project is cool as it uses alot of the features the Electron / Boron have to offer.

Bored? DM me.

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You do realize that the Boron is ‘merely’ announced, and won’t be released until ~July? Until that time, there won’t be anyone around with Boron experience yet :wink: You might be able to solve this with the existing solutions though.
If you could go into a bit more detail on what would be required, folks might make a more informed decision on whether or not to participate.

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I have a Project scope to have a BLE 5 button remote with a RedBear Nano v2 that is only paired with a Boron / Electron asset tracker V2 and RedBear Nano v2 via SPI

Basically when I press one of the 5 buttons on the BLE remote it triggers a relay attached to the Boron / Electron via Bluetooth. I’d like to use an app / website to connect via cellular to trigger those relays. I’d like get back some GPS data back when requested from the app / website.