Using redbear BLE nano v2 (nRF52832) with electron

I have purchased a redbear BLE nano v2 with nrf52832. Github link here. I have not purchased the USB Daplink.

My project:
I have 2 individual IoT lamps (basically an electron with an LED) and I would like to detect when the lamps are nearby each other. I thought of using BLE to detect proximity. So my prototype would like something like this with an additional LED. My intention is to program the BLE nano to broadcast itself as an ‘IoT lamp’ and simultaneously scan for nearby IoT lamps broadcasting themselves.

Let’s start with a basic question. Do I first need 2 sketches?

    1: for the redbear nano to broadcast and scan and
    2: for the electron that reads these values?
Or do I just need one sketch in the electron that loads the BLE Nano library, instantiates a BLE nano object and that’s it? I apologize if it’s too basic a question but I have looked a lot an cannot find a definitive answer.

I have come across this discussion but it’s not apparent to me if there was a sketch loaded into the Adafruit Bluefruit LE SPI beforehand.

Secondly, since there is no particle library for Redbear BLE nano, I’ve been following particle’s firmware loading guide. The closest structure to the recommended I found in the redbear github repo was this but the ‘src’ folder is empty.

I’ve been working with a developer as I am a horrible programmer and I’m doing something very similar to your project.

I used the redbear / nordic HRM example to pair the (master slave) nano’s and used i2c between the master nano and the electron.

My project just has 5 buttons on the slave nano and 5 LED’s on the electron. If I press button on the slave it lights an LED on the electron.