Best way to create permanent connections

So far I’ve been relying on breadboard connections to test my Electron at a desk, but now that I want to use in a real environment I want more reliable connections.

Since I’m new to all of this, I was wondering what the best way is to establish the connections between my various sensors and the Electron? Should I solder it directly, use a screw terminal or a different method?

Some project info: the wires would be subject to quite some movement (but not any real stress like pulling of the wires), at least a few times a week. The enclosure they’re in is IP-67 rated. The wires should preferably hold out for at least a couple of years. The connections can be permanent, as I’m not planning to take the sensor out anymore once it is in place.

@Vitesze, I often use an Adafruit perma-proto board for “permanent” projects.

You would solder everything to the board. You could put two strips of female headers for the Electron if you don’t want to solder it directly.

Ah, that looks perfect actually, power busses, mounting holes and a nice sleek design that won’t require as much soldering as a regular Perf board…I like it!

@Vitesze, there is also this board which I haven’t had a chance to try out. What’s interesting is that it has it’s own CAD program for laying things out.


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