Best pulse sensor

Thanks for asking, but, alas, no, I still can’t get it to work. I’ve tried it as shown in that diagram, and it outputs BEAT once and then … nada. When I hooked up RD the red led lights up, but it gradually gets too hot to touch.

I may just try and scrounge up an Arduino and see if I can get it to work on that, since there seems to be more Arduino-MAX 30100 documentation than Photon-MAX 30100 documentation. I will also ask the vendor …

To summarize, I believe I have rediscovered the maxim, you get what you pay for :roll_eyes:

You bought 36 pieces - test another :wink:

Actually, I guess I need to apologize to the vendor. I hooked it up to an Arduino, and working through the SparkFun tutorial, I’m getting numbers that … look right … although that’s for a MAX 30105, I guess it’s compatible?

For the record, I’ve hooked up just 4 pins: 3V3, GND, SCL and SDA, and the red led glows (but much less intensely when I was getting my finger burned😉)

Could you post a pic of the wiring?
I have the same questions with this sensor.

Are you sure, none of the examples I’ve seen uses the pins on the other side?

There’s really not much in the way of wiring – SDA and SCL go to D0 and D1, 3V3 to 3V3 and GND to GND.

With regards to another post … originally I was using a pin from the other side of the board, but that was a mistake.

thank you. i’ve been through so many info sheets and some talk about using the int pin.

I’ll try and post a pic tonight along with the working code.

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@dcarl661, here is a link to my tested and working app:

and a photo…

I2C pull-ups are 4.7K ohms to 3V3, DeviceOS is 0.8.0-rc11, board from Aliexpress shows MAX30100 on silkscreen but was sold as MAX30102. There seem to be pull-ups on the board but they didn’t work. It is powered from 3V3.

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Do you know what the other four pins (GND,RD,IRD,INT) are for?

Is a light supposed to turn on on the max30102 when you plug in all the pins?

Btw I’m trying this with an argon, will the pins have to change? on the argon you have marked scl sda but I think they are really d0 and d1 on the argon. Your sketch uses 2.

@dcarl661 I haven’t tried it on an Argon. The light comes on when wiring is correct and the code runs. It is needed to illuminate your blood!

It helps to look at the datasheet of the sensor to find out :wink:

GND should not need any explanation :wink:
INT is also widely used as a common designator for an interrupt pin.
The more “obscure” ones are RD and IRD which are the driver outputs for external red (RD) and the infrared (IRD) LEDs.

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(Let me know if this should be a new topic)

I got the max30102 recommended about by @peekay123 and used the wiring by @mprogers. I also used the sample project shared by @peekay123 above. When I connect the sensor to an argon, I’m unable to get a reading or even the light to turn on.

I’ve verified that the sensor is working using the I2C scanner, and I have also tested each of the three sensors I ordered to verify.

I’ve tried the following

Argon       MAX30102 breakout
  D0             SDA and 4.7K resistor to argon 3V3
  D1             SCL and 4.7K resistor to argon 3V3
 3V3             Vin
 GND             GND

With that configuration, there was no beat detected and the red light did NOT turn on.

I then tried the following wiring on a whim

Argon      MAX30102 breakout
  D0             SDA and 4.7K resistor to argon 3V3
  D1             SCL and 4.7K resistor to argon  3V3
 3V3             Vin
 GND             GND
 GND             GND
  IR             GND
   R             GND
 INT             no connection 

No beat was detected but the red light came on and the sensor got really hot (and noted above).

I’d really welcome any feedback any suggestions you might have.

@rob7, I haven’t tested with a Gen3 device but I’ll be doing that shortly (on Xenon). Can you provide a link to the specific MAX3010x breakout you are using? I tested on my breakout (with external pull-ups) and it works with a Photon but not with a Xenon. The board was powered from the 3.3v pin on the devices and I used DeviceOS v1.4.4. Stay tuned!

Here is the breakout I’m using:

MakerFocus Heart-Rate Sensor Module, MAX30102 Blood Oxygen Sensor, Compatible with Arduino STM32

I’ll test it later without the pull-ups. What is strange is that the lights don’t turn if just connect the four lines (gnd vin sda scl).

Update: I tried removing the pullups and still no beat detected. I tried both wirings (with and without the IR/R pins)

Update 2: I tried using the Sparkfun MAX30105 library with my MAX30102 breakout board and my Argon. This was the first library that led to mild success.

I wired it as followed (using Sparkfun’s MAX30105 guide)

Argon       MAX30102 breakout
  D0             SDA (no pullup)
  D1             SCL (no pullup)
 3V3             Vin
 GND             GND

I had problems running the sample code, but the specific heart rate example seems to work

The value seem to jump around a lot and not completely stay persistent. For anyone that has used these breakouts, is that normal?

From my experience, this Sparkfun MAX30105 library was the only one I could get to successfully work with Argon.

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Thank you for telling us this type of sensor, I am also looking for the pulse sensor.