Best pulse sensor


I’m ISO a pulse sensor that will work with the Particle library. I’ve seen one from, but it’s $25 a piece (which is fine for 1, but my director will balk if I ask for 36 of them for my students and me). OTOH, I do want a quality product. Does anyone have any recommendations? (No jokes about robbing a bank, please :slight_smile:


@mprogers, I prefer using a MAX30100 pulse oximeter like THIS ONE on a AliExpress. It uses I2C and I find it quite reliable and easy to use. There are numerous libraries available. The one I use is this one:


Thanks, @peekay123. I take it this will work with the Photon (my knowledge of I2C needs work). Will the MAX30102 also work? I’ve seeing those advertised too …


@mprogers, I have it working on a photon and I can share the web IDE library if you want :wink:


That would be awesome, thank you!





Excellent! I know your link sent me to the (apparently newer) MAX30102, but your library says it’s for the MAX30100. Are you using the MAX30102?


@mprogers, I’m using it on a MAX30102 board without issues.