MAX30100_RCWL-0530 Not working

I am using MAX30100_RCWL-0530, my connections are (3V3 -> VIN, SDA -> D0, SCL -> D1, GND-> GND) ,INT, IRD, RD not connected to photon, i am trying to the run MAX30100 library example, I got wrong data

Heart rate:29bpm / Spo2:0%
Heart rate:29bpm / Spo2:0%
Heart rate:29bpm / Spo2:0%

Anyone knows how to fix this issue ???

@qyomok, are you using a MAX30100 breakout? You need to make sure you have pull-up resistors. I am using an Aliexpress MAX30102 breakout
with this library I found:

The unit works quite well though I haven’t had time to get into all the capabilities.

@peekay123, Thanks for your replay, so MAX30102 is working for you ??? if it does, do you mind sharing your photon connections with me

I also have MAX30105 sensor and it’s not working as well

@qyomok, the breakout board I linked to doesn’t have pull-up resistors so here is my wiring:

Photon      MAX30102 breakout
  D0             SDA and 4.7K resistor to Photon 3V3
  D1             SCL and 4.7K resistor to Photon 3V3
 3V3             Vin
 GND             GND

@peekay123 Is there a way to integrate MAX30105 with Photon??

@qyomok, the MAX30105 is a foe sensing particles in the air! The breakout I have was sold as MAX30102 but may actually be a MAX30100.

You wouldn’t happen to have a pic of that hookup that you could post?