Battery Shield Connector/Header -- Can't Connect Battery

Hey everyone,

I’m currently trying to connect a 3.7 LiPo battery to the Battery Shield and the connector on my battery doesn’t fit into the one on the shield. I tried looking through the documentation for the kind of connector on the battery shield but I couldn’t find anything on it.

What kind of connector do I need to have??


I believe it’s called a JST-connector -

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JST it is. Buy the ready terminated cables as Kenneth linked to. The connector and crimps require an expensive tool to make them up correctly.

I had the same recently when I purchased few batteries from Seeed Studio that were for a quad copter. The connector was 2.54mm pitch and the ones on the battery shield are 2mm pitch. I just cut them off and soldered the flying leads on. Make sure you use heatshrink on the soldered connection to make really sure they can’t short out. Take care doing this as it is easy to short them out if you don’t do one at a time. :smile: