Bigger battery for the battery shield?

hi Everybody!

I would like to buy a bigger battery for the battery shield, do you have any links where can i do that and which model should i take? Any 3.3V would do?


Hi @Noten,

I think most 3.7v Lithium Polymer batteries with JST connectors will work, Sparkfun has lots!


Oh no, now you’ve got me wondering how long I could run a core off one of these :slight_smile:

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Will check it out and post the results :wink:

Thanks Dave!

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Remember to triple-verify the polarity of the connector on any battery you choose to plug in!!


I’ve been using these UltraFire 18650 4Ah batteries for various projects and they work great! They are super cheap and have a protection circuit built in. The ones with protection circuits say BRC on them.

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what holder/socket are you using for the Ultrafire?

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If you search ebay for 18650 battery holder you will find a bunch. I bought some from ebay and have found that some are too tight though (these might be meant for batteries with no protection circuit), so if you find a good source of battery holders let me know! The chargers are cheap too.

Edited @Dave’s post above - the batteries should be 3.7V, not 3.3V (as previously shown)

Thank you!

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I picked up a Fuel+ at Fry’s Electronics to power the Core. It was $15, And the awesome color of white matches the Core. :slight_smile: So Happy.

2200 mAh

recharges in about 2 hours with USB power adapter, longer on a computer USB port.

Thermal & Short shutdown

Low Voltage cutout protection


Best Deal I have found so far. It recharges at 2 amps also which is as fast as it gets.


I really wish I had money to buy everything awexome I see! :smile: Both of those battery packs are really attractive and I could use them for lots of stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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Anyone had tested, how long these 2200mAh cell will able to power up the core ?

Give or take… probably 6 hours? If the core goes to sleep and wakes up on a schedule, that’s gonna be wayyyy longer :smiley:

I’ve been doing some battery tests here at the office, I think a 2200mAh battery should last about 12-13 hours of active transmitting without any kind of sleep / optimization, give or take.


Hi @BDub

Do you still use those batteries(the Ultrafires)? I’m looking for improvements over the default LiPo for a solar powered application. Those have really good battery life but how well do they stand up to the trickle charging and cycling of the Electron battery management?

@mohit, can you please enlighten on how to do that triple verification?

don’t just double check but do it three times :wink:

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Yes, what ScruffR said.

It’s a JST-PH connector. On the battery side, with the key facing up, and the holes facing you, the right side is +. All of the batteries from Adafruit and Sparkfun have the correct connector and polarity.

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