Battery powering a Photon

Hi, I am trying to build a nano bot following instructions here: . I followed the wiring diagram for wiring the 4xAA battery pack. When I disconnect the USB cord, there is no power to the Photon. I searched for battery powering a Photon, but didn’t find wiring diagrams. What might be going on?


Can you post a pic of your current wiring and then remove all wires from the Photon and only have the red (+) of the battery pack connected to Vin and the black (-) to GND and see if anything lights up?

Thanks ScruffR! I followed your suggestion of removing the other wires and just using the battery wires. There was no power to the Photon still. So I checked that the batteries were good by removing them. All good there. After I replaced the batteries, I tried again and voila! now I got power to the Photon. I suspect that the one of the batteries wasn’t making good contact in the battery pack. The pack was real tight and the spring on the “-” end did not have enough flex to push the “+” end of the battery to connect with the battery pack’s connector. I ended up moving the batteries to connect well by hand. Your reply helped a great deal in that it confirmed to me that this should be working and it always helps to start with a simpler wiring.

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I had the same problem on a solar project, it was supposed to be reliable… well… not