Maker kit battery pack hookup

I’m really new at this… I’ve actually managed to get quite a bit done using the USB cable to power the photon, but I need to monitor something that’s going on away from any sources of USB power (use the battery back). Reading the documentation, it appears the battery pack included with the kit holds 4 AA batteries which should output more than 6 volts (when the batteries are new). I hesitate to hook the thing up to the board (even though it was included in the kit and will probably work) because I don’t want to fry the thing! Please advise

@scraphound, powering with 4 x AA batteries would work fine, although that’s pushing the limits of recommended rating of 5.5v slightly. The maximum is 6.5v though.

Be sure to connect them up correct to Vin and GND. Have fun! :sunglasses:

UPDATE: Do measure the voltage if you want to be super sure that nothing blows up!